France Crafts and Activities for Kids

This week we jumped into our France crafts and activities for kids!

My boys have been so excited for us to continue our “travels” after completing our Philippines unit. They loved creating their own 3D jeepneys, making a Philippine Christmas parol, playing Filipino games, and making some delicious treats.

And now we’re off to France in our home tour of the world!

These activities are perfect for preschool and elementary school children.

France craft and activities for kids

Introduction to France

France Activities Bundle

To start off, you can introduce your child to France with our France Activities Bundle, available in our Etsy shop!

In this bundle you’ll find lots of fun activities to help your child learn more about the country of France.

A great introduction to learning about France is our France At a Glance worksheet, which provides an overview of some of the important features of France as well as where it is located on the map. And once you’ve finished your France crafts and activities, your child can fill out the France review sheet to see how much they’ve learned!

Next you can learn more about some of the national and cultural symbols of France with the I Spy Game, Word Search, and France matching game. (Right now we’re offering the France matching game as a freebie, so be sure to grab your copy!)

Flag of France craft

And one of our favorite activities in this bundle is the France flag craft. These little flags turn out so cute and kids love waving around their finished flags!

The French flag, also known as the Tricolour, consists of three vertical stripes of equal width in blue, white and red.

France Crafts

3D Eiffel Tower

Of course, you have to include activities involving the Eiffel Tower if you’re studying France! And this 3D craft is super fun and easy to make.

Print out the template and decorate it, and then cut and glue it together! You child will love seeing their own standing version of this famous French landmark.

You can download the free printable here.

3D Eiffel Tower craft for kids

Tape painting the Eiffel Tower

This tape painting craft is another fun option if you want to make a 2D Eiffel Tower. We were inspired by this post from Too Many Crafts, Too Little Time.


  • Tape
  • Cardstock paper
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush

The night before doing our craft, I made a rough tape outline of the Eiffel Tower on a piece of cardstock.

The Eiffel Tower in tape

When it was time to do the craft, I set my three-year-old free with paints.

Painting the Eiffel Tower

Once the paint dried, I carefully pulled the tape off. I thought that the final product looked pretty great!

Completed Eiffel Tower tape painting craft for the France preschool unit

Stained Glass Window Craft for Kids

Some of the most famous stained glass windows in the world are found in France, from the Rose Window in Notre Dame to the towering windows of Saint-Chapelle.

Now you have a chance to create your own stained colorful windows with this stained glass window craft for kids!

This is a fun craft for children of all ages (although younger children will need a little extra help with the first part). All three of my boys (ages 3 to 7) absolutely loved this craft and kept wanting to make more “windows”!

And the end result really does look spectacular. This is a craft that kids, parents, and teachers alike will be proud to display!

Here are a few fun facts about stained glass windows in France to talk about while you’re making your craft:

  • France is home to some of the most stunning stained glass windows in the world, found in famous cathedrals like Notre-Dame de Paris, Chartres Cathedral, and Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.
  • Many of France’s stained glass windows date back to the Middle Ages, with some crafted as early as the 12th century. They are celebrated for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and storytelling.
  • Stained glass windows were often used in medieval churches to depict stories from the Bible for those who couldn’t read. Each window panel told a different biblical tale, allowing worshippers to learn about religious teachings visually.
  • Colors and symbols in stained glass windows hold significance. For example, blue represents divinity and heaven, red symbolizes martyrdom and sacrifice, and green signifies hope and life.
  • Stained glass windows are made by piecing together colored glass using lead strips called “cames.” The glass pieces are then painted with details and fired in a kiln to fuse the paint to the glass.
  • Over the years, many stained glass windows in France have undergone restoration efforts to preserve their beauty and historical significance. Skilled artisans work painstakingly to repair damaged glass and ensure that these treasures can be enjoyed for generations to come.
  • Stained glass windows are an important part of France’s cultural heritage, representing centuries of artistic and religious expression. They continue to inspire awe and wonder in all who behold them, making them an integral part of France’s rich history.

Paris City Skyline Watercolor

In order to introduce some of the landmarks of Paris and spark their creativity, you can do some watercolor painting on the Paris city skyline.

Download the free printable here and then let your child have creative license to make the sky of their choice.

My boys had so much fun making their watercolor craft and wanted to share about their fun project with everyone they talked to!

Here are some fun facts about Paris to discuss with your child/students:

  • Paris is often referred to as the “City of Light” because it was one of the first cities in the world to have street lighting. The nickname also reflects the city’s intellectual enlightenment during the Age of Enlightenment.
  • One of the most famous landmarks in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. It was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) and was initially criticized by some Parisians but has since become an iconic symbol of the city.
  • Notre-Dame de Paris is a historic cathedral known for its stunning Gothic architecture. It is famous for its gargoyles, stained glass windows, and the fictional hunchback character, Quasimodo, from Victor Hugo’s novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”
  • The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris. It is home to thousands of works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, the Mona Lisa.
  • The Seine is a major river that runs through Paris, dividing the city into the Left Bank and the Right Bank. It is lined with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum.
  • Paris is famous for its delicious food, including croissants, baguettes, macarons, and crepes. Kids can enjoy trying new foods and desserts while exploring the city.
  • The Arc de Triomphe is a triumphal arch located at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. It honors those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Iris Flower Craft

Up next is a cute and easy craft making paper irises, the national flower of France.

Iris paper craft for kids

In France, the iris holds cultural and historical significance as it is a symbol associated with the French monarchy. The fleur-de-lis, a stylized iris flower, has been an emblem of French royalty for centuries, representing elegance, regality, and the divine right of kings.

And this iris craft turns out so cute! Kids will love making their own bouquet of these beautiful flowers.

Kids Books About France

The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in Paris– This is an enchanting children’s book that takes young readers on a delightful journey through the iconic landmarks of Paris with the lovable characters Aya and Pete. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book introduces children to the magic of the City of Lights, making it a whimsical and educational adventure.

A Walk in Paris– A Walk in Paris is a charming children’s book that invites young readers to explore the enchanting streets of Paris alongside a curious girl named Anouk. Through delightful illustrations and captivating storytelling, the book captures the magic of the city, introducing kids to its iconic landmarks, culture, and the joy of discovery.

Madeline– Set in Paris, this classic picture book has a sweet story and is a great introduction to some of the landmarks of Paris. My son immediately recognized the Eiffel Tower from our craft earlier.


We are a big fan of Raffi in our house and he has some great songs in French, so we spend some time listening to French Raffi songs!

When we listened to Frère Jacques we acted the song out. The boys would pretend to be sleeping for the first part and then I would shake maracas (morning bells) and they would wake up! They wanted to do that over and over.

We also watched this cute video about a little snail (petit escargot). My boys loved the song and we were all singing it the rest of the day.



For breakfast, we just had to have crepes! Although we do have crepes semi-frequently, it was fun for my boys to realize that they actually come from France. This is my go-to recipe. Our favorite fillings are strawberries and nutella. Yum!

A crepe


We also made mille-feuille, a type of French pastry. I did it the easy way and used store-bought puff pastry, following this recipe for the custard. The custard didn’t turn out quite as thick as I would have liked it, which made it quite messy to eat. But my son enjoyed helping me put them together and they were delicious! I think it would also be really good with fresh whipped cream instead of custard.


Wrap up

Last of all, we finished off our France preschool theme by putting a stamp in our passport using our flag stickers!

Putting a French flag in the passport at the end of the France preschool unit

We all enjoyed focusing on France this week. Next we’re off to India!

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