17 Sweet Christmas Books for Toddlers

Christmas books for toddlers to read during the Christmas season!

There’s something so special about Christmas with a toddler. Everything feels new and magical as you get to see the holiday through their eyes. And reading Christmas books is a perfect way to introduce your toddler to the traditions and spirit of Christmas. 

We’ve reviewed 17 of our favorite Christmas books for toddlers so that you can find just the right books to read with your child! There’s a mix of secular and religious books, but all of them share an uplifting message and will help your child feel the spirit of Christmas. 

These books are also perfect to use as part of a 12 Days of Christmas Books tradition. If you’re not familiar with that idea, it’s where you wrap up twelve books and open one a day to read in the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Such a fun way to help kids develop a love for reading and get excited about Christmas at the same time!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Read on for a list of our favorite Christmas books for toddlers!

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Christmas Books for Toddlers

That’s Not My Elf

Another great book from the “That’s Not My…” series by Usborne, That’s Not My Elf is a sturdy touchy-feely board book with new textures to feel on each page. Children will love following along with the pictures on each page as they look for the correct elf!

Santa’s Big Day Finger Puppet Book

This little book follows Santa as he prepares to head off on Christmas day! Attached to the book is a Santa finger puppet for young toddlers to interact with as they listen to the story. This book is also a perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

Where is Baby’s Christmas Present?

Children will love helping baby search for her Christmas present all over the house by lifting the flaps on each page. Each flap reveals new Christmas objects (ornaments, Christmas cookies, etc) until baby finally finds the present under the tree. 

Similar to “Where’s Baby’s Bellybutton?”, this holiday version is a super cute interactive book that toddlers will love reading over and over again!

Peek a Flap Ho Ho Ho

Not only does this board book have flaps for your toddler to open on each page, it also has several fun facts about Christmas as well! Toddlers will love the detailed Christmas scenes as they talk more about the traditions surrounding Christmas. 

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Litttle Blue Truck’s Christmas follows the little truck as he picks up Christmas trees and delivers them to all of his animal friends. Kids can count upwards as the five trees are loaded into the truck and backward as they are unloaded. It also teaches animals sounds and has a fun rhyme! It’s a sweet Christmas story with lots of Christmas visuals such as houses decorated with lights, cars hauling Christmas trees, and lovely snowy scenes.

Llama Llama Jingle Bells

Llama Llama Jingle Bells is a simple story that follows llama llama as he gets ready for Christmas. This is a sturdy board book with just a sentence on each page, so it’s great for young toddlers who might not have as long of an attention span.

Christmas in the Manger

A sweet introduction to the nativity, Christmas in the Manger is a short board book that addresses each of the characters from the nativity, from the animals in the stable to the wise men to baby Jesus Himself. It ends with the declaration that Jesus is the reason for Christmas Day.

Christmas Cookies

Penguin and his friends are making cookies for Santa, and they need some help! This cute little story goes through the process of baking the cookies and has fun interactive elements like shapes for tracing, a rolling pin to move over the dough, and scratch and sniff patches. 

Biscuit Gives a Gift

Follow along with Biscuit as he and his owner go place to place giving gifts for Christmas. I love how this story helps children realize that Christmas is about giving to others, not just receiving for yourself. 

Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas

Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas is a Sesame Street themed version of the original song. Toddlers will love singing their way through the 12 days of Christmas, from “a red monster up in a tree” on day one all the way through to day twelve.

The First Christmas

The First Christmas is a simple overview of the nativity story, from Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem up to the birth of baby Jesus. This is a sturdy little board book and toddlers are sure to love the flaps and pop-up pages which add some interest to the book. 

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe

This cute little book is full of fun puns and rhyming. It shows animal parents talking to their babies about Christmas and being together for the holidays.

I am Max

The classic Grinch story, but told from the perspective of his dog, Max. This is a condensed version of the book perfect for toddlers to get an introduction to the story. It ends by showing how they celebrate Christmas now that the Grinch has experienced his change of heart. 

My First How to Catch Santa Claus

This little board book is a sweet story of a little boy who wants to catch Santa so he can give him a hug. Can he catch him in his play tent? Or get him to stop and play with his blocks? Little children will love reading the story to find out!

Bear Stays up for Christmas

Bear wants to stay up to celebrate Christmas with his friends, but he also wants to sleep. Follow along as his friends help him stay awake for the big day as they spend time together and prepare his den for Christmas. A sweet tale of friendship around Christmastime. 

Santa and the Goodnight Train

Santa and the Goodnight Train follows three children who hop onboard the Goodnight Train on Christmas Eve. The train travels through magical landscapes as it follows Santa and his sleigh. The last stop before the train heads home is the North Pole! 

Children will love the vibrant pictures and catchy rhymes as they imagine themselves riding along on the Goodnight Train.

Pick a Pine Tree

Pick a Pine Tree highlights one of the most important Christmas traditions for many families: picking out and decorating the Christmas tree! 

The illustrations in this book are just beautiful and it has a charming rhyme that doesn’t get old when you have to read it over and over again. This is sure to become a classic Christmas book in your home!

Final Thoughts

Christmastime just isn’t complete without some great Christmas stories! These Christmas books for toddlers are ones that your child is sure to love reading before Christmas. And if they’re anything like my toddlers, maybe for weeks after Christmas too…

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