Uganda matching game

Uganda Matching Game for Kids

Wanting to teach your child about other countries and cultures? This Uganda matching game is a great way to introduce your child to another country!

Matching games are a perfect early learning tool. They help children improve memory and concentration and learn to identify patterns and relationships. Plus, they’re fun!

And as an added benefit, our country matching games also teach cultural awareness! Included is a fact sheet explaining each card to facilitate a discussion with your child.

This is one of our first activities in our Uganda preschool unit. It helped to set some groundwork and get my son excited about the activities to come!

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Materials needed:

  • Uganda Matching Game printable (download below)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)

How to play the matching game:

Print out the matching game on cardstock and cut out all of the cards. Laminate them if you want them to last longer.

Print out the Matching Game fact sheet and use it as a reference to talk to your child about some of the national symbols of Uganda.

Turn all of the cards over and take turns turning two over at a time. If your match is correct, keep the cards. If not, turn them back over. It’s now the next person’s turn. Continue until all the cards have been matched.

Playing the Uganda matching game

For a more difficult version: combine this set with one of our other country matching game sets.

Or, you can use the cards as a guessing game. Have one person hold up a card facing away from them. The other person then gives clues to help them guess what card they are holding (eg. “it’s something you eat”, or “it’s an animal”, etc.).

For an easier version: if you have a younger child, have them start by making matches with all of the cards facing up.

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