Easy Rabbit Tissue Paper Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for a super easy, low-prep bunny project that turns out really cute, you have to try this tissue paper rabbit craft for kids!

This craft is so simple to put together and is easy for kids of all ages to make. You can use this rabbit craft for toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary aged children.

It’s ideal as an Easter bunny craft or any sort of rabbit or hare craft (we used it as an Irish hare for our Ireland cultural unit, see the bottom to make this craft!).

All you need is our template and some tissue paper to make this rabbit come together. And of course a cotton ball for it’s tail!

Rabbit tissue paper craft pinterest pin

Rabbit Tissue Paper Craft for Kids

Materials for a tissue paper bunny craft


  • Bunny printable (available for download below)
  • Tissue paper (grey, brown, or Easter colors)
  • Cotton balls (or white pom poms)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


First, download and print out the bunny printable (free download available below). I included both a small version and a bigger version of the rabbit, so you can pick which size you want depending on how big your cotton balls are.

Cut your tissue paper into small squares. You can either use traditional bunny colors, like grey or brown, or you can use pastel colors if you’re making an Easter bunny craft.

Cover a small section of the bunny in glue. Crinkle up the tissue paper and stick it to the glue on the bunny.

Continue covering sections of the bunny with glue and sticking tissue paper to it until the bunny is completely covered.

Take a cotton ball and place a dab of glue on it. Stick the cotton ball to the bottom of the bunny to act as the bunny’s tail.

Now you can leave your rabbit craft like this or cut it out for a more finished look.

And that’s it! Your cute rabbit craft for kids is complete and ready to enjoy!

Completed tissue paper bunny craft

Irish Hare Craft

In our Ireland learning unit for kids, we used this rabbit craft to make a cute Irish hare.

To make this craft, use the template and instructions above to make a brown or grey bunny.

Then, once you’ve complete the instructions, use black tissue paper to make black-tipped ears for your Irish hare.

Irish hare craft for kids

This will leave you with a cute and culturally significant craft for learning about Ireland or for St. Patrick’s Day.

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