Shamrock Sponge Painting Craft (free St. Patrick’s Day Card Templates)

Let your creativity loose with this fun shamrock sponge painting craft!

Kids will love using paint and sponges to make their own three and four leaf green clovers.

This craft is simple to execute but fun to do, making it a perfect craft for all young kids, from toddlers and preschoolers to elementary aged kids.

You can use this shamrock activity as a St. Patrick’s Day craft or as part of a Ireland learning unit in the classroom or at home.

The free printable comes with a page of shamrocks to complete the craft as well as two St. Patrick’s Day card templates.

And at the bottom of this page you’ll find some interesting facts about shamrocks that you can talk about while working on the craft!

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Shamrock Sponge Painting Craft

Materials to make a sponge painting shamrock craft for kids


  • Shamrock printable (available for download below)
  • Green paint
  • Sponge cut into small squares
  • Markers


There are a few different ways to do this shamrock craft so that you can adjust it depending on the age of your child and your purpose in making the craft.

First, download the shamrock printable (available at the bottom of this page). The printable comes with one page of shamrock outlines and two St. Patrick’s Day card templates.

Cut a square piece out of a sponge to use, around 1 inch by 1 inch works well.

If your sponge is too dry and hard, dampen it a little before beginning the craft.

Sponge painting

If you just want to do shamrock sponge painting, print out the page of shamrocks. (Scroll down for instructions to make the cards)

Your first (and probably easiest) option is to sponge paint directly on the shamrocks.

Once your shamrocks are completely covered in green paint, let the page dry.

When dry, you can cut out the shamrocks and use them for decorations!

Another option is to make shamrock outlines. To do this, cut out the shamrocks from the printable. Use tape to secure the shamrocks to a blank piece of paper, leaving space between them. Painters tape works well and is less likely to tear the paper when removed.

Shamrock sponge painting craft

Use a sponge to press green paint around the edges of the shamrocks, making sure to outline them completely.

Using a sponge to make a shamrock craft

Allow the paint to dry and then remove the shamrocks from the page. Be careful removing the tape so that you don’t rip the paper.

Shamrock sponge painting craft

Now you’re left with a page of shamrock outlines! And don’t throw away those painted shamrocks either, those can be used for decoration as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Cards

To make the St. Patrick’s Day cards, print out both the page of shamrocks and the card templates from the printable.

St. Patrick's Day card templates

Pick the shamrock(s) that you want to use (there are three and four leaf options of various sizes).

Your first option is to sponge paint directly on the shamrock printable and then cut out the shamrock(s) to glue to the card.

OR you can cut out a shamrock, tape it to the card, and sponge paint around the edges, leaving the outline of the shamrock on the card.

I kind of liked combining both methods by cutting out a shamrock, taping it to the first card, sponge painting around the shamrock, and then gluing that shamrock to the other card.

That way, you’re left with one card that has a painted shamrock and one card that has a shamrock outline.

Once you’ve added the shamrock to the card, use markers to color in the block words at the top of the card.

St. Patrick Day card templates

Now your St. Patrick’s Day card is ready to be personalized and gifted!

Completed St. Patrick's Day cards used making sponge painted shamrocks

You can also use the card templates as a St. Patrick’s Day decoration if you don’t have anyone that you want to give them to.

My kids had the best time making this sponge paint shamrock craft! We ended up with sooo many decorative shamrocks because they didn’t want to stop making them.

Interesting facts about shamrocks

Here are some interesting facts about shamrocks to talk about while you make your craft!

  • The shamrock is a national symbol of Ireland and is used in various emblems and symbols representing the country.
  • Shamrocks are typically known for having three leaves. They symbolize various things, including faith, hope, and love.
  • Shamrocks are strongly associated with St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of Irish culture. According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity.
  • In Irish folklore, shamrocks are believed to bring good luck. Finding a four-leaf clover, a rare variation of the shamrock, is considered especially lucky.
  • Shamrocks are hardy plants that can grow in many places. They often pop up in lawns and fields, and children might enjoy looking for them during outdoor activities.
  • Shamrocks belong to the pea family (Fabaceae). While the most famous shamrock is the white clover, there are other plants with similar leaf structures.
  • Shamrocks are associated with the arrival of spring, and their appearance is a sign that winter is ending.

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