Mandala Watercolor Glue Art Craft for Kids

In this post, you’ll be learning all about how to make your own mandala watercolor glue art craft for kids!
A mandala is a geometric design that is typically circular in form and characterized by intricate patterns radiating from the center. These patterns often repeat symmetrically, creating a visually harmonious and balanced composition.

Mandalas are widely used in various cultural and spiritual traditions as tools for meditation, self-expression, and symbolism.

In this craft, you can make your own mandala using a glue-resist technique and watercolor. The end result is a beautiful and colorful mandala!

This is a perfect craft for children of all ages, although younger children will need more support with the initial gluing part. We used this craft as part of our India Crafts and Activities for Kids, but you can also do it as a fun, stand alone art project.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find more information about mandalas that you can discuss as you make your craft.

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Mandala Watercolor Glue Art Craft for Kids


  • Mandala printable (available for download below)
  • Glue
  • Watercolor paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


**Note: This is a two-day craft to allow for the glue to dry, so make sure to plan your time accordingly.

First, download and print out the free mandala templates (available for download at the bottom of this page) on cardstock paper. Regular paper does not work well for this craft, as the watercolor tends to tear the paper.

Using white school glue, trace over the lines on the template with a thin line of glue.

Younger children will need help with this part, or you can do this in advance and simply let them do the water coloring once it’s dry.

I found that my five year old needed assistance with making the lines of glue, while my seven year old had no trouble doing this part independently.

Leave your mandala to dry (about 24 hours).

Tracing the mandala art craft for kids with glue

Once the glue is dry you can begin painting your mandala.

Using watercolor paint, color the mandala in colors of your choice.

Child watercoloring a mandala craft

You can paint right over the top of the glue lines and still be left with a beautiful pattern from the glue.

Painting mandala art for kids

Or you can choose to fill in the sections that are separated by the glue more precisely, using the glue lines as boundaries. We played around with both methods and got beautiful results each time.

Completed mandala craft for kids

Once your mandala is dry, cut out the mandala.

Mandala craft for kids

Now your mandala is complete and you can enjoy your beautiful craft!

Completed mandala glue-resist watercolor craft

More about mandalas

While you’re creating your mandala crafts, talk more about what mandalas are and what they signify. Here is some interesting information about mandalas to get you started:

  • The word “mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit.
  • Mandalas have been created for centuries in various cultures, and have great significance in Hinduism and Buddhism as symbols of the universe and spiritual growth.
  • Mandalas are known for their symmetrical designs, with each side mirroring the other. This symmetry represents balance and harmony.
  • Creating or coloring mandalas can be a form of meditation. Focusing on the intricate patterns helps calm the mind and promote mindfulness.
  • Mandalas sometimes draw inspiration from nature, incorporating elements like flowers, animals, or the sun, reflecting the beauty of the world.
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