Celtic Knot Pipe Cleaner Craft

Learn to make your own Celtic knot with this Celtic Knot pipe cleaner craft!

A Celtic knot is a distinctive and intricate design featuring interwoven lines with no clear beginning or end, symbolizing the eternal and interconnected nature of life.

These knots are culturally significant in Ireland and are often seen in Celtic art and jewelry

As such, this craft is a great addition to an Ireland learning unit or as a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft.

In this craft we’ll be making a kind of Celtic knot called a Triquetra, or Trinity Knot. It’s quite simple to make once you get the hang of intertwining the pipe cleaners to make the pattern.

And the only material you need is pipe cleaners, so it doesn’t get easier than that to prep!

See below for our step by step instructions on how to make these pipe cleaner Celtic knots!

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Celtic Knot Pipe Cleaner Craft


  • Pipe cleaners in two colors (Yep, that’s it!)

Important note

As you work on the craft, the most important thing to remember is that each segment of pipe cleaner should go over on one side and under on the other side so that when you’re finished you have an interwoven, interlocking design.

I’ll use arrows in the pictures below to show when the pipe cleaner goes over and when it goes under.

If you start getting confused, stop and look at the final product to refresh your general sense of what it should look like.

I’ll try to explain the process in words, but honestly that can get a bit confusing, so your best bet is to carefully follow the pictures.


Start off by making a circle with your first pipe cleaner, twisting the two ends together into as smooth of a line as possible.

Next, attach your second two pipe cleaners together by twisting the ends together.

Now you’re going to begin with the heart of the pattern.

First, insert the long pipe cleaner through the circle.

Bend where you connected the two pipe cleaners together so that one side of the pipe cleaner is in front of the circle and one is behind.

Cross the pipe cleaner over itself in the center and hold it in place, point the top length of pipe cleaner pointing up towards the top of the circle.

Bend that top piece of pipe cleaner an inch or so above the top of the circle and tuck the end underneath the circle.

Take that section of pipe cleaner and bring it over the top and under the bottom of the loop already in the middle of the circle, creating a triangle.

Leave that section and grab the other loose end of pipe cleaner. Make sure that it is going under the first section of the central triangle and over the second section and then passes under the left side of the circle.

Bend the pipe cleaner about an inch from the edge of the circle and bring it up over the top of circle pipe cleaner.

Take both loose ends of the pipe cleaner and twist them together to complete the figure.

Once you’ve connected the loose ends of the pipe cleaner, all that’s left to do is clean up your Celtic knot a bit.

Adjust the three loops so that they are equal in size and be sure that the triangle at the center of the circle is visible. Again check that each section of pipe cleaner goes over on one end and under on another. This holds the figure together securely and creates that classic interwoven Celtic knot pattern.

And now you’re Celtic knot is complete! You can use different combinations of colors to make all sorts of fun designs.

Completed Celtic knots made from pipe cleaners.

Celtic Knot Fun Facts

  • Celtic knots are known for their endless loops and interwoven patterns, symbolizing eternity and the interconnectedness of life. There’s no clear starting or ending point in these designs.
  • These knots have a rich history dating back to ancient Celtic cultures, particularly in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They were often used in manuscripts, monuments, and jewelry.
  • Celtic knots carry various symbolic meanings, such as love, unity, and protection. Different types of knots may convey different messages, making them versatile symbols.
  • One unique feature of Celtic knots is the absence of straight lines. All elements are curved, creating a flowing and intricate design.
  • Some well-known Celtic knots include the Trinity Knot (or Triquetra), representing the Holy Trinity, and the Dara Knot, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  • Celtic knots are often featured in celebrations of Celtic culture, such as St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, where they are showcased in various art forms and crafts.

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